Project Description

Gemmayze, Lebanon

Welcome to the new Salma Boutique!

Located at the old heritage area in the heart of Beirut, the new Salma Head quarters reveals a stunning retail shop along with a working office space.

The whole concept is inspired by the natural & luxurious aspect of the brand and revolves around a sensorial experience, focusing on four different journeys: soothing, sensual, freedom & renewal.

As the visitor enters the space, he will discover two marble counters exhibiting these four sensations. The displays are configured as a central element and creates a ‘hub’ where the customer is free to circulate around it and discover the wide range of products.

The space is defined by two main colors: dark purple & olive green. The main color is purple, an echo to the logo, linking the different rooms together and declined into a shelving system in the cashier area. The olive green gives an organic and natural aspect to the interior and is used for shelving with a ‘make your own’ section where the visitor is free to create his own product. Last but not least, do not forget that olive oil is the essence of soap.

The Laboratory area is a place where the customer will enjoy experimenting with formulas, subscribing to workshop courses and be able to create his own soap. Taking advantage of the double height ceiling, here is a white on white bookshelf holding soaps, raw products, books etc…and accessible by a sliding ladder.