Project Description

Sama Beirut, Lebanon

The whole concept is inspired by New York interiors, highlighting the spectacular view and choosing a wide & open space.

The interior is defined by 2 main colors & materials: black & white / wood & marble. The main color is black, stating a path to the different parts of the apartment

Upon entering through the door, the visitor is welcomed into the space by an imposing black metal wall shaped into an entrance furniture and duplicate into a serving cabinet in the dining room.

The bookcases are made of black metal and wood elements using the same language between the main living room & T.V room.

The T.V room is isolated from the common areas with sliding metal & glass panels, ensuring privacy without dividing the space visually.

The black color is also found in the stripped wood separation in the dining room along with the master bedroom giving the same rhythm and philosophy to the space. On the wall of the dining room The inclined wide mirror integrated between the wood strips enlarges the space while reflecting the urban view.

All the walls are in white color creating a strong contrast and enlightening the whole space.

Being a young man who likes to host friends, having a bar is a must. Calacatta marble is a stunning material for a sculptural bar designed as a statement piece of the art of living.