Project Description

The famous restaurant Cafe de Paris is a traditional French bistro offering a meal of ‘steack fritte’ as it’s only dish.
The challenge was to implement the concept of this restaurant along with a modern style. The brand identity such as wood panels and the dominant of red color are still recognizable.
I chose to promote contemporary local artists and exhibit their work on the large wood walls and added some artifacts, antiques along with contemporary ceramics exhibited behind the couches to give a cozy feeling.
I took the liberty to introduce local marble by inserting it in the tiling, drawing one line from the floor to the columns. Marble was also used to design the indoor bar as a sculptural piece. The huge backlit vegetal prints are an echo to the outdoor space. Taking advantage of the height ceiling and trying to link the space, it appears to me that a gold painted round shape would be a surprising element to support a modern custom made chandelier.
The terrace is a nice place to relax; it is a lounge and a restaurant as well. The wood and concrete are used to design benches in the middle of the space. The Onyx bar creates a highlight on this area.