Project Description

Paphos, Cyprus

The whole concept is inspired by nature itself.

As the visitor enters, he is welcomed by an impressive greenery behind the reception desk.
Imagined as sculptures, the green separation between the shelves are also a reference to the natural environment.

Going up through the staircase or elevator, the visitor will discover the restaurant with a textured wall that gives the summer vibes of Cyprus.

Taking advantage of the layout and challenges, the seating is carved into the slab, directed towards the gorgeous view.
The semi open kitchen is a major point of attraction, enlarging the space and creating a unique dining experience.
The wood arches creating this open/close effect are an echo to the architecture of the hotel.

Nature is glorified into a « bas relief » and the lighting leaves covering the ceiling completes the feeling of the natural immersion.

The tiling is an amazing fusion of concrete and travertine marble shared in a geometrical pattern.